Powerball Machine History

Different machines are used when drawing the PowerBall lottery’s namesake bonus ball. Check out which machines have paid out the most if you need help deciding whether to play the next draw or not.

Draw machine Total won

RNG2 R 1,819,227,810.46
Khensani R 1,360,259,843.00
Suikerbossie R 1,180,715,061.00
Mapula R 886,119,595.00
Ndyebokazi R 641,866,738.00
Desire R 415,726,170.44
Wish R 301,783,614.72
Dream R 279,081,825.14
Inspire R 260,200,236.10
WISH R 241,933,480.17
Believe R 229,280,905.15
Delight R 207,857,836.33
Imagine R 182,394,174.28
DREAM R 137,987,916.89
INSPIRE R 86,293,085.67
DESIRE R 70,882,565.15
BELIEVE R 64,547,262.00
IMAGINE R 21,379,859.99
JOY R 5,832,045.45
Suriya R 4,081,192.00