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PowerBall Draw Machine History

Check which lottery draw machine is being used before you play a PowerBall draw to decide whether this could be your lucky draw. This tool lists the total won by players when the numbers were drawn from each machine.

Draw Machine Total Won
RNG2 R33,871,986,348.91
Ndyebokazi R1,353,339,754.00
Mapula R1,187,635,150.00
Suikerbossie R875,223,614.00
Khensani R652,762,719.00
Believe R548,361,792.66
Desire R293,977,852.30
RNG3 R290,824,956.56
Wish R242,404,187.43
INSPIRE R216,806,554.05
Delight R211,715,499.29
Inspire R199,499,340.17
Dream R173,963,292.49
Imagine R172,223,955.46
WISH R141,882,850.60
DELIGHT R135,192,173.89
DREAM R110,046,631.29
IMAGINE R54,886,869.88
DESIRE R29,736,863.99
Insipre R6,294,231.00
VISION R5,832,045.45
Fire R4,829,907.60
Nalakazi R4,081,192.00