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PowerBall Tools

Identify patterns, numbers due to be drawn and more with these lottery tools – which we feel confident in saying is the best selection of SA PowerBall lottery tools around. All available for free!

Number Checker

This tool checks your PowerBall numbers against the winning results for the past 365 days.

Number Generator

Use our tried and tested number generator to generate lucky PowerBall numbers.

Skip and Hit Predictions

Past PowerBall draw data provides predictions of when each lottery number is due to be drawn.

Most Common Pairs

This tool reveals the most popular pairs of PowerBall winning numbers and how they rank against each other.

Most Common Triples

A guide to the most common PowerBall triplets drawn from all previous South African PowerBall lottery draws.

Last Seen Numbers

Check out when each PowerBall number was last drawn and sort by date, draw number and days.

Most Drawn Numbers

Find out the most popular PowerBall numbers of all time with this easy to use reporting tool.

Number Analysis

Our PowerBall Number Analysis reporting tool provides information on draw and jackpot history for every number.

Number Buddies

Got a lucky number? See what other PowerBall numbers have been drawn alongside it the most.

Ball Set History

This tool reveals all about how the different ball sets have affected the prize amounts won in all PowerBall draws.

Draw Machine History

Find out which PowerBall draw machine provides the biggest smiles with the amount of prize wins it has generated.

PowerBall Machine History

The bonus ball is drawn from a different machine with this tool showing which has contributed to the most prize wins.

PowerBall Ball Set History

Multiple PowerBall sets ensure fairness but find out here if they pay out the same amount.