PowerBall Plus Results and Numbers

What is PowerBall Plus?

PowerBall Plus is the secondary game to South Africa’s biggest lottery; PowerBall. The add-on game offers players further chances of winning after the main PowerBall draw takes place.

Similar to the main PowerBall game, PowerBall Plus players select five numbers from 1-45 and a PowerBall number from 1-20. As you would expect PowerBall Plus jackpots are smaller than those seen in the main PowerBall game. However, tickets for PowerBall Plus are half the price of PowerBall tickets, which is bound to see the game become popular with players across South Africa.

Launched in late 2015, the PowerBall Plus game started big with a guaranteed jackpot of R 10 million for the first draw on December 1, 2015. PowerBall Plus was one of several changes made to the PowerBall game, including the addition of a further prize tier and an increase in ticket prices.

PowerBall Plus Payouts

Of course every South African dreams of hitting the PowerBall jackpot, but PowerBall Plus gives players a further chance of winning a life changing sum of money.

There are nine ways to win in PowerBall Plus. The below table shows all nine prize divisions, the odds of winning in each division and the allocation of the prize fund for each division.

Numbers Matched Odds of Winning Share of Prize Pool
Match 5 and PowerBall 1 in 24,435,180 41.12%
Match 5 1 in 1,286,062 7.35%
Match 4 + PowerBall 1 in 122,176 3.72%
Match 4 1 in 6,430 5%
Match 3 + PowerBall 1 in 3,133 6.76%
Match 3 1 in 165 5.74%
Match 2 + PowerBall 1 in 247 3.82%
Match 1 + PowerBall 1 in 53 R 15 – Fixed
Match PowerBall 1 in 38 R 10 – Fixed