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PowerBall PowerBall Ball Set History

PowerBall Ball Set History might be a bit of a mouthful but the tool is as clear and concise as you could ask for. It tells you the exact amount that each bonus ball set has been responsible for.

Ball Set Total Won
RNG R 34,162,811,305.47
PB3 R 946,392,898.09
PB5 R 841,039,243.81
PB2 R 798,132,073.48
PB4 R 727,313,159.23
PB1 R 497,763,391.00
PB7 R 444,789,828.47
PB8 R 402,870,625.43
PB10 R 336,365,255.46
PB6 R 312,911,083.44
PB9 R 207,203,793.00
PB16 R 154,336,055.27
PB21 R 127,152,641.36
PB18 R 111,848,464.21
PB24 R 103,157,607.47
PB25 R 91,407,151.78
PB13 R 88,894,371.59
PB11 R 87,502,207.47
PB12 R 84,541,239.96
PB19 R 70,208,316.28
PB15 R 53,649,040.50
PB22 R 33,292,031.12
PB23 R 30,922,247.25
PB14 R 22,706,491.50
PB20 R 15,744,399.75
R 15,685,459.93
PB17 R 9,035,354.25
L2 R 5,832,045.45