Lotto Plus Results and Numbers

What can I expect to win?

Using data from all of the past Lotto Plus draw results, we’ve estimated the amount that you can expect to win when you match 3 or more numbers on the Lotto Plus draw. These amounts are averages, so please remember the actual payouts can vary.

Numbers Matched Average Payouts
6 R 1,233,928 (not counting draws that rollover)
5 + Bonus R 259,878
5 R 6,510
4 + Bonus R 2,123
4 R 130
3 + Bonus R 97
3 R 20 (fixed prize)

Lotto Plus payouts

Lotto Plus offers players who enter the main Lotto draw a second chance of winning a prize. So if you’ve entered Lotto and Lotto Plus but didn’t win in the Lotto, then a second set of numbers are drawn just after the main Lotto draw. However, after rule changes that kicked in on May 22, 2016, the Lotto Plus jackpot will now keep rolling over until someone wins the big prize.

The rule changes in May 2016 have also meant that players can now use a Quick Pick option to play Lotto Plus. This is a fast way of filling out a playslip with random numbers instead of picking your own numbers manually.

The cost of entering Lotto Plus is just R 2.50 which does mean that the prize pool tends to be smaller than the main Lotto draw but it’s not unusual for the jackpot to hit R 2,000,000+. The odds of winning Lotto Plus, and the share of the prize pool that is put aside for each combination of numbers matched, are as follows:

Numbers Matched Odds of Winning Share of Prize Pool
6 1 in 14 million 18.25%
5 + Bonus 1 in 2.3 million 4%
5 1 in 55,000 9%
4 + Bonus 1 in 22,000 5%
4 1 in 1,000 16.75%
3 + Bonus 1 in 800 11%
3 1 in 61 36%

Despite having a smaller prize pool than its bigger brother Lotto, on average just over R 4,000,000 per draw compared to Lotto’s R 15,000,000, the Lotto Plus draw creates an extra 13,000 winners every draw. So for just R 2.50 extra you’re increasing your chances of winning something.

Similarly to Lotto, 45% of all Lotto Plus ticket sales go towards prizes while the rest go to a variety of South African charities and good causes.