PowerBall Ball Set History

The Ball Sets History tool is similar to the PowerBall Draw Machine History but shows you the total amount of all PowerBall jackpots won on each of the balls sets in the PowerBall draw.

Ball Set Total Won
RNG R 34,162,811,305.47
P3 R 931,852,563.72
P5 R 919,513,823.81
P1 R 815,155,694.00
P4 R 686,359,029.23
P6 R 580,177,038.10
P2 R 520,306,203.64
P10 R 515,221,035.94
P7 R 512,361,954.42
P8 R 442,185,977.16
P9 R 419,611,506.00
P11 R 245,331,994.94
R 26,787,610.14
L3 R 5,832,045.45