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Lotto Tools

Get the edge when playing the Lotto by using our great tools.

Use them either on their own or alongside each other, and pick your numbers based on facts and history rather than guess work.

Number Checker

Check your numbers for all draws up to 365 days ago with our super cool Lotto number checker.

Number Generator

Generate all your lucky numbers with our Lotto lucky number generator.

Skip And Hit

Simple to understand mathematical prediction of when winning Lotto numbers are due based on historical draw data.

Common Pairs

Find the most popular pairs of Lotto winning numbers and how they rank against each other.

Common Triplets

Find the most popular triples of Lotto winning numbers and how they rank against each other.

Number Last Seen

This great tool will tell you when any given number was last drawn – by date, draw number and days.

Most Drawn Numbers

This tool will tell you the most popular numbers ever drawn on the Lotto draw.

Number Analysis

A powerful tool that gives you full analysis of every single number in the South African Lotto draw.

Number Buddies

Enter any number to find out what other numbers have been drawn with it and how many times.

Ball Set History

Which Lotto balls sets have the winning formula? This tool will tell you.

Machine History

Which Lotto draw machine really is the ‘winning Lotto machine’? This tool will tell you.